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Collectible Figurines

Savvy merchandise collectors have indubitably come to the right place by visiting our Collectibles page full of timeless classics. Department 56 instills visceral responses with their lifelike replicas of iconic characters from modern lore. With a highly attuned attention for detail, they manufacture unbelievably exact models of famous creatures.

Infamous members of culturally recognizable characters ensure that every nuanced media fan can find immeasurable delight. These startlingly accurate collectible figurines serve as perfect display pieces all year round. The sturdy molds provide structural quality that is sure to last for ages. This allows for serious value to accrue over time, so wise collectors will know that they are making a witty investment.

Just the Right Shoe also provokes amorous emotions with their sultry high heel figurines. Extremely nuanced depths of personality can be revealed through these elegant masterpieces. Collectors love these aesthetic designs for their enigmatic sense of feminine allure.

Brighten your winter holidays with Christmas collectibles including Jim Shore Christmas figurines and other Christmas ornaments.